Billy - It was an easy ride into DC today. The city traffic was fairly light inbound. Most everyone was outbound because of the up coming holiday and it was like rats leaving a sinking ship. They were probably all democrats. After getting settled in, we rode to the Wall, met my Marines MC brother, Gunner, and paid our respects. After that it was on to Harry's Saloon on E street for some chow and a couple of cold ones. Mustang and I are rolling out of DC tomorrow and beginning the long journey back home...him to California and me to Texas. It was a great experience and the memories will last forever.

Mustang - We went to The Wall, our journey ending with memories of the past with old friends who will be forever young. The Wall is a very special place to our nation and even moreso to those of who served in the cause called Vietnam. I remember when the concept of establishing a Vietnam War memorial first came to the public eye way back when - like the war itself, a memorial to honor America's warriors who served so honorably was surrounded in heated controversy, especially
when the government approved the submission of the current memorial as we know it today. Many of those of us who fought in that war fought just as hard to show our displeasure about having a "wall" of black marble with 58,000 names who gave the ultimate sacrifice - we called it "The Black Gash" a wound that would never heal. And there was also the fact the artist who conceptualized and designed The Wall was a Vietnamese woman. Many of us still had raw feelings about the people of Vietnam, so there was some very misguided anger and sorrow.

In spite of it all The Wall is and has become a profoundly powerful and healing place for America - it is by every sense "Hallowed Ground."

Our final day with RFTW was an emotional one, but it was good. I touched many of the names of the 63, 9th Engineers who gave all - I spent a little more time with two in particular, James Rodney Moore, our brother who is still listed as MIA, and then with my old friend, Harry McGinnis. These two lads were fine young men and damn fine Marines - I have missed them every day of my life and I will always remember them.

And so, one journey ends, another begins - a new day, a new adventure - It's time to saddle up and ease on down the road with the wind in my face. Homeward bound.

Semper Fidelils