Monroe, LA at the end of the day - 366 miles closer to The Wall. The feed was good, beans and rice, fried catfish, hush puppies and chicken gumbo along with a variety of desserts. No one walked away hungry.

Billy and I left the main body again today and ventured to Shrevesport to visit with Billy's old friends. From there we headed east and highballed it straight to Monroe. One of our other friends, Mike "Pig Pen" Cummins joined the Marine Corps here in Monroe way back when. Mike now lives in Florida, is a retired lawman and wanted to participate this year on the run in the worse way. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out, so maybe next year, Pig Pen. Just know that Billy and I are riding for you, brother - we hope you're following the blog and please know we both wish you well and a fast recovery. Semper Fidelis, Mike!