Billy - Day 7...a day where almost everything went wrong and probably needs to be put in the far back reaches of the memory. There were some good points though. We had lunch at this great little mom and pop restaurant in Mentone, AL on our way to Lookout Mountain that was just outstanding. Another good point was riding Hwy 157 along the ridge of the mountain...just great. The bad stuff was getting coke accidently spilled on my bike at a gas stop...getting it cleaned off will give me something to do in the morning. The other is that we got split up on top of the mountain and a couple of riders, who will go unnamed, got lost and it took them hours to get off the mountain and to the hotel. Oh well, we do like to say that there is no bad ride day...right!

Mustang - a long day with challenges - but then that is what life is, isn't it? The good thing is we arrived safely to our destination and we went through some beautiful countryside on the journey. Plus, we had a great lunch at a quaint little place in Minton, Georgia - good food, good service, and good company. What more can you ask for. We set our kickstands down in four states today, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. Not a ride day all considered. And as I yanked and banked on the twisting road down the mountain I thought if the 63 9th Engineer Battalion names on The Wall, the real reason why I ride with RFTW - in their memory, in their honor.

Semper Fidelis