Billy - Much better day today. Easy riding, very few hassles, and met up with some great people at the hotel, which will result in an awesome ride day tomorrow. Also found out that one of my Marines MC brothers (Gunner) is coming to Wytheville tonight from Ft. Bragg and will be able to hang with us all the way to DC. Should have some beautiful photos of the ride tomorrow from Wytheville to Roanoke, going across the mountains.

Mustang - A sweet ride today, just Billy and I and the open road and beautiful contryside. We crossed into Virginia, one of my favorite states - the green hills and the smell of Honeysuckle brought back fond memories of my youth as a young Second Lieutenant going through The Basic School at Marine Corps Base, Quantico. Good days they were, indeed, and today was also a good day. Shortly after arriving at our hotel we connected with another 9th Engineer, Terry "Skipper" Porter and his wife, Lori. Both had started out in California on a more personal path to visit other friends and relatives along the way. Then a real surprise entered the picture - Gunnery Sergeant James Gregory, founder of RFTW rode into the parking lot and into our lives. He invited us to join him tomorrow to attend the welcome of the central route as they enter Rainelle, West Virginia - an event that will invariably change our journey's course and most likely, our lives. Tomorrow's blog entry will chronicle our story. Until then, Aeternum!