Billy - It was a hard and fast ride with Gunny Gregory into the mountains of West Virginia. The highlight of the ride was the trip to the bottom of the New River Gorge on what basically seemed like an asphalt trail that had a lot of switchback curves. We next pushed on to Rainelle, WV, where we met up with the central route riders and were were hosted for lunch by the townsfolks. The kids were out waiving flags along with the adults and it was just a great experience. The mountain people of West Virginia are absolutely wonderful folks who appreciate and understand the price of freedom.

Mustang - Our ride today was the best of the trip - went to New River Gorge and spent a few minutes looking at the beautiful views - then Gunny Gregory led us down a steep twisty road to the river and what a few it was looking up at the bridge above. A great start to a magnificent day. Then on to Rainelle where we saw the main body of RFTW enter the town to a hero's welcome. The school kids lined the front roadway of their school and soon the sound of children's voices yelling USA! USA! echoed throughout town. We feasted on Pot Luck dishes and listened to the children chattering about everything under the sun. One little lass asked me to sign her book - her name is Destiny and she was with her Grand Father, Johnny Walker. We chatted for some time and I heard about his heritage which paralles my own. All the while Destiny simply stood near by smiling a big smile, looking like she was in seventh heaven. Right after lunch the heavens opened up with a pretty impressive thunder storm - we watched buckets of rain descend from above and realized we were in for a wet ride and potentially risky ride to Roanoke. Regardless, Billiy and I saddled up and kicked our iron horses into gear to head down the mountain. A few hours later, dirty, wet, and tired we rolled into our hotel's parking lot happy to know we had made our way safely.

Tomorrow is Day 10, the last day of our journey with RFTW 2010. We have 240 miles before we reach The Wall - one journey ending, another beginning. It's been a great ride!