Thanks for the memories. Always loved flying in the C-130. After returning from Vietnam in 1968, I was transferred to Camp Lejeune and assigned to Echo Company, Second Battalion 8th Marines as a rifle company squad leader. Spent one month with Echo Company and then transferred to Hotel Company GITMO. We flew from Cherry Point to GITMO in a C-130 and returned 6-months later in a C-130. The bird we returned on only had a piss tube, no toilet, so if you had to take a shit you'd use a barf bag in the aft of the plane on the loading ramp. Sadly, and as always, I had a pretty severe hangover along with the runs, so when I got off the plane at Cherry Point I had three barf bags full of shit to claim when the customs official checked us in. One of my more memorable flights on a C-130.

During Desert Shield, my Marines crewed the 3rd MAW Airborne DASC in one of VMGR-352's C-130s. During several training flights the aircraft's pilot decided to do some aerial combat maneuvers on the return flights to Al Jabaihl. My DASC crew guys complained to me they were given no notice of the maneuvers and nearly all of them got violently air sick. I personally talked with the pilot and co-pilot and they assured me they'd let my crew know before they'd do the maneuvers and not do as many so the guys wouldn't get sick. Well, that turned out to be a damn lie, because on the very next training flight my guys told me they heard the pilot laughing when they were doing their maneuvers. So, as I did a few too many times in my career, I let my anger control my actions and I marched over to the VMGR-352 light line, looked up where the CO was at, and confronted him with the fact that he had a lying sack of shit for a pilot and if the pilot made my Marines air sick again I'd kick his ass. Me being a Major, the CO being a Lt Col, you can imagine just how he took my criticism. So, I soon found myself standing in front of my CO, Colonel Joe De La Corte, getting schooled on proper military etiquette and appropriate tactfulness. Just one of the many reasons I retired as a Major, LOL!!! Regardless, the aerial maneuvers stopped after that and my Marines laughed like hell when they heard what I had done.