The day started off and ended with the roar of motorcycles echoing in my ears. Crosshairs and I logged about 460 miles today and we feel every one of those miles right now. We met some new friends today and reacquanited with some old ones also. At the
end of it all, it was a great day to be alive.

Once we left Rancho Cucamonga, it was less than 20 miles before we saw a group of patriotic Americans on one of the overpasses, waving flags, and their hands. All had big smile on their face and so did every one of the riders as we scooted north on Interstate 15.

I estimate we started with somewhere around 350 to 400 motorcycles. Rolling down a busy California freeway with that many scooters is a sight to behold.

Everything went like clock-work. We stayed on schedule and the fuel crews hustled to make our fuel stops as safe and efficient as possible. Once again amazing when you consider the number of riders and personalities they deal wi

I have more to tell, but it is now 10:52 and we need to get up at 5:00 tomorrow. Another big day with RFTW, and another great day to be alive.