An American hero, Jim "Dinky Dau" Doc Finch, died last year on December 14, 2007.

When people first met "Dinky Dau" (Vietnamese meaning "crazy") they may not have known how to take this blunt talking, old salt of a Corpsman. But it didn't take long for people to recognize the true character of the man, because there was no greater humanitarian and champion of Veterans than, Doc Finch.

Doc rode with RFTW in 2006 and went all the way to The Wall. He and I and several others had long talks and share
d many profound and moving experiences as we traveled together. One such experience occurred at Angel Fire, New Mexico.

The Memorial at Angel Fire is a sacred and powerful place to Vietnam Veterans. It now has even more significance to me because of Doc Finch. I will forever remember our shared experience that day when we visited Angel Fire for the first time in 2006 - Dennis "Ole Doc" Thompson, Tony "Rock" Valentine, Dinky Dau Doc Finch, and me.

As I participate once again this year with RFTW I will ride with the memory and spirit of Doc Finch. He was indeed a true American hero and a very dear friend to all who knew him.

Semper Fi, Doc. We miss you, my friend. Until we meet again.