Monterey Pines RV Park, U.S. Naval Post Graduate School


We arrived yesterday to welcoming temperatures and beautiful blue skies. After a quick recon of the area we settled in to our campsite among the Monterey Pines. We met a retired USN guy and his little dog as we strolled through the RV park. He lives in Modesto and comes here to escape the heat. After a wonderful conversation we returned to our site, had some dinner and watched Netflix before retiring for the night. Temperatures fell to the low 50s by midnight, so no need for machine controlled environment, unlike our desert home.


The morning sun under a gentle cool breeze awakened us. We lounged around for a few hours before enjoying our morning coffee and brunch. A time of renewal and relaxation. No pressing schedules, no worries, simply letting God run the show and accepting His blessings. Everyday is a gift.