Fate and opportunity often look alike. So do generosity and guilt. The place where these four friends meet is called life.

You must make the most of your life. To do less is to fail yourself. No one else is to blame for your indecision or mistakes. Everything comes from the courage of experience.

You can't catch sunlight by staying indoors. You can't recognize quality if you settle for imitation. If you are not in the right place, leave. If you are not doing work that matters, quit. If life is not
what you want it to be, change. If you are surrounded by false friends, trade them for new ones, the quiet, steady kind. If something nags at your heart, open it up and have a look. What you find there may surprise you.

How do you become strong? Throw your importance away. Make friends with trees. Sing a song with a mourning dove. Crawl along the ground with a snake. Do push-ups with a lizard. Learn the language of squirrels. Decipher the meaning of old stones. Find wisdom in a baby's eyes. Look at an old man as if he were new.

Change means growth. Growth is necessary for trees and other living things. Without growth, nothing would be harvested, except doubt.

~ "Dancing Moons" by Nancy Wood ~