Was I lost? No question.
Did I know where I was? Not at all.
Had I ever been happier in my life? Never.
~ Mary Oliver ~

Prayer at the start of the day

Oh God who knows my (our) worth
I light my (our) fire today,
In the presence of the holy, heavenly Angels,
The most beautiful of form of all beauty,
Without hatred, without envy, without jealousy,
Without fear, without dread of anything under the sun,
And with your Holy Spirit as my refuge
Kindle in my (our) inner most heart, the ember of love,
For my (our) enemies, for my (our) relatives, for my (our) friends,
For the wise, for the foolish, for the wretched

Prayer at the end of the day

God lie with me (us) with your hands about my (our) waist(s)
And with a cross of Angels over me (us),
This night and until a year from tonight, and tonight itself
I (We) pray for a blessing on everyone,
As plentiful as the grass that grows,
Or the sand on the shore,
Or the dew on the lea,
On every soul that was, that is, or will be