Rainbow In Motion Haiku
By Lorraine Margueritte Gasrel Black

Red, orange, yellow

green, blue, indigo- violet

mystic vision arcs

Red, orange yellow

green blue indigo follow

graceful violet glows

Red orange yellow

green blue indigo follow

violet rainbow mists

Shy crescent appears

lifting happy spirits soar

listen to my wish

Lively prism light

enchanting rainbow delights

brightly dance then hides

Sunbow or rainbow

Heaven's mysteries parting

Iris's raiment

Painting in rainbows

fairies alight gems dancing

upon the flora

Thin 'bow ribbon floats

colours capture bauble- beads

bubbles fly away

The waning Moon sets

cold ocean meets horizon

a rainbow shares sky

Peaceful lotus pond

two swans bow heads gracefully

frogs bask in 'bows end

A double rainbow

appears reflects faint image

imitates its light

Two rainbowed secret

paints reflected illusions

colours in reverse

Violet indigo

blue green yellow orange red

second 'bow brings awe

Unexpected scene

second 'bow riddle answered

shy mirrored likeness

First to disappear

the second rainbow lingers

grants a special wish

Lavender to pink

misty space between two arcs

colour magic spell

Blind or enlightened

Soul's rainbow fills the vessel

mind and body blessed

A moment in time

upon the cloudy climes shine

bring me more rainbows

Lucky is the one

who espies rainbow arches

wishes may come true

Rainbow guardian

spirit spray hovers over

cascading water

When rain dances and

the Sun shines Earth rejoices

misty rainbow's gift

Dreams, desires, wishes

granted in a million jewels

glittering rainbow

A rainbow's gift leaves

joyful laughter, thoughts and awe

mostly Nature's smile

Seven rays of light

herald the tempest's ending

a smiling sky shines

From moonstone coloured

misty clouds the Sun refracts

rain drops upon Earth.

A walk through a 'bow

bestows blessings upon when

Soul's pearls awaken

Bond seven swirling

chakra discs root raised to crown

inner peace regained

Looking at rainbows

can mean different things and

shared by everyone

Rainy guardian

a 'bow to walk under hugs

opposite gender

Always look for rainbows

appearing opposite the

Sun's teasing visage

A rainbow omens

depending on local lore

early death or wealth

Preparing for rain

keeps it away but then the

rainbow disappears

In the East rainbow

shines then pleasant will the next

day's afternoon be

A morning rainbow's

Westerly ride omens wet

cloudy days ahead

Rainbow to leeward

dampness goes away sailors

delight in Night's arc

Rainbow to windward

portends whole day foul sailors

heed weather warning

As the Irish say

a rainbow on Saturday

wet weather will stay

For those who are lost

to the living day tears cross

Rainbow Bridge Heaven

Airy Baby's Breath

gather a rainbow bouquet

Life's long lasting bloom

Softly glowing or

vibrantly showing proud Sky's

enchanting decor

Sigh poet dreamer

then listen to the rainbow's

awakening song

Believe the Rainbow's

magic touch upon lovers

dreamers and forlorn

Can a bird in flight

touch a rainbow and lose a

wishgranting feather?

Fern and grass aglow

rainbow-hued droplets pearling

Dawn's golden music

Silent 'bow aglow

sentinel collects wishes

then takes them away

A lonely crescent

hiding pastel evening shine

sighs across the sea

Long, long time ago

Rainbow appeared and promised

no end to this world

A peaceful peacock

perched amidst rainbow blooms

dwells in Paradise

Rainbows in motion

Nature's magical gift stirs

luminescent awe

Whatever joy brings

the elixir of life or

high expectations

Joyous sight behold

unfolding drifting graceful arc

heavenly colours

Misty promise made

sunny days ahead storm's ending


Rainbows inspire

set fire imagination

soul's journey unfolds

On earth I wonder

how the rainbow arc bridges

Destiny's wishes

Under and over

the rainbow haunts dreamlike quest

Leprechaun's treasure

Soft pastel rainbow

briefly meets the frozen rain

mountain snow glistens

Muse come dance with me

soft voice floats among the clouds

Your rainbow crown shines

Across the rising

full Moon face a rainbow graced

rosy sunset clouds

Pour ethereal

shining droplets from the clouds

sunkissed spirits 'bow

Brushed by a rainbow

the angel of the winds touch

Heaven's tears of joy

Colourful dreamer

fading into blushing sky

I bid you good day